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Arlin is currently situated in beautiful Marlborough, New Zealand. He has had two solo and several joint exhibitions over his artistic career and sold 47 paintings across these.



Arlin is inspired by the world around him and life itself. He finds beauty and joy stems from the very act of existing and wants to replicate this feeling in the pieces he creates. Capturing the excitement and passion that he feels via his artworks for others to experience. He believes that art should act as a conduit towards inspiring others, not only to feel emotionally but also to take action. 


As a fisherman Arlin has seen the most amazing sunrises reflected in the ocean waters and high in the clouds. This, in combination with his Indonesian heritage, gives him his unique view of the world. Having grown up surrounded by a multitude of colours, textures and shapes he wants his art to be a celebration of all of these and is happiest when he’s releasing his creative energy out onto a canvas. 

Design strategy

The nature of his design strategy is extremely abstract and experimental. Arlin often lets the colours and his mood lead the painting process rather than sticking to any strict structures, habits or procedures. He is fearless in his approach and happy to go wherever the artwork dictates. Arlin thinks of himself as more of a vessel rather than a creator because he doesn't plan anything out and just lets the images flow from himself onto the canvas, where they can find a life of their own. He enjoys being creative and trialing new techniques and application methods. This means that each artwork is a unique representation of himself during a specific moment in time. 


Working process

He uses layers of paint, sometimes thick, sometimes thin, which he manipulates using various tools. These tools include palette knives, brushes, trowels, sticks, hair dryers and his hands. Using mostly acrylic paint means Arlin works quickly to create each layer, letting the work dry well before building up another. This method allows the painting to evolve slowly, until the time comes when he is satisfied with the final result. Some paintings have only a few layers, whilst others have more than he cares to keep track of. It all depends on what level of depth and dimension the artwork asks of him. Arlin often finds himself working on more than one piece at a time and is happy to paint over artworks he does not fully connect with. ​

Latest works

Arlin Sukarlin has had a very successful couple of years. Since exhibiting in Warkworth's "Art in August" 2021, he has been accepted as an exhibiting member of Nelson's Suter Art Gallery, was invited to exhibit at the "Joanna Dudson-Scott Gallery" and is currently guest exhibitor at the "Alan Scott Winery" restaurant. He was placed second in "International Artist" magazine's abstract and experimental competition with his work "Enchantment" and has had a feature article in the "American Art Collector" magazine.

Due to the success of the "Art in August" in Warkworth in 2021 another exhibition was held this year in 2022, where several of Arlin's pieces were sold.

Arlin is currently exhibiting a collection of his paintings in the McKee Gallery which is located within the Nelson Suter Art Gallery.  This exhibition runs until 28th May 2023.  Further information here

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