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Frequently asked questions

Thank you for your interest in my artworks. If you have any questions or concerns I hope these answers will help to alleviate them. If you still have any further queries then please make your way to the Contact page and fill out the form. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you!


If you are looking at purchasing one or more of the artworks then please go to the Contact page of the website and fill out the form. It is extremely helpful if you include the title/s of the artwork/s in your initial message.


The cost of shipping is not included in the overall price of the artwork - as seen on the Gallery Page. The price of shipping will depend on what country & location you wish the artwork to be sent to and thus will be adjusted accordingly. We are located in New Zealand but ship worldwide.


I am not currently accepting commissions, however, this is something I may look at doing in the future. If this is something you are interested in then please feel free to reach out by navigating to the Contact page and filling out the form. 


All artworks are created on stretched canvas and come unframed. I do not currently offer any framing options and it is up to the purchaser of the artwork if they choose to frame the painting, at their own expense, upon receiving it. 

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